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The German Consulate General New York
871 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 1001, USA

From May 21 until June 26, 2009 (video)

For years, Berlin’s booming art scene has been chronicled by two artists, working with different media: Jan Sobottka is a Photographer and Konstantin Schneider works as the self-described „Berlin Art Ambassador“ with his video camera.

Their constantly updated websites reflect the growing internationality and creative energy in Berlin, by now one of the major art metropolises next to New York and London. These days, roughly 600 art spaces (museums, institutions, galleries) exist here. Their number fluctuates constantly, mostly due to the numerous temporary projects in vacant shops and lofts.
Berlin's art scene is the object of the presented artists' obsession. In their work, Konstantin Schneider and Jan Sobottka cover practically all relevant openings in town. Their works do not only have documentary value, but also are artistically meaningful at various levels.
This started the idea for the exhibition "Berlin artspotters", with a tip of the hat to all those train-,
plane- and other -spotters, consumed by their respective objects of desire in a way that reminded
us of our artists.

Images from the exhibition.
A small online gallery with photographs and videos is available here.

Organized and selected by Marc Wellmann